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I really want to be in a patrol but our Guide Leaders (we have two) have to groups. I am always stuck with a Guide leader who does boring things and doesn't like fun, and I never do fun activitys. How can I persuade them to put us into patrols with a Patrol Leader? Please help!



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Try suggesting it in a friendly way to your leaders one meeting. Just say that you think it would be cool to be part of a team with older and younger Guides, and you could sometimes organise patrol nights (we do this at my Guides- each patrol organises and hosts their own meeting) which is a lot of fun. You don't need to say that your Guide leader is boring (she might not like that!), but hopefully you'll be able to persuade them to form some patrols. I'm sure it would be fun choosing names for all the patrols too- you could name them after animals, flowers, or anything really. [smile]

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How many people are there in your unit? There may be too few to split into patrols. Typically, you'd need at least about 8/9 people to have patrols.
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