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Help! My patrol don't want to do Go For Its! We discuss this every time we plan the years programme. I am a Patrol Leader but Our patrols have two patrol leaders who share the role. The other patrol leader thinks that Go For Its are a waste of time "as they are only a bit of plastic". I am in my 2nd year at guides and I have only done one GFI. The other PL wasn't involved as we did it in small groups (she did a different activity). I have not yet got a challenge badge, and as I want to eventually do my Baden-Powell award... well you can see where my problem lies. I don't know what to say to the other patrol leader as she is older than me and it is clear that she thinks she should be a PL on her own. Please help! x

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Tell your guide leader!! It's really mean that she's spoiling your chance to do your baden-powell award!! go for its are just a bit of plastic(i slightly agree with your other PL, I mean they could be badges) and challenge badges aren't that good(iv'e got 2) so don't get too wound up about it!!


Massive shout out to my bffs at aldourie and dores and Rebecca,Heather and Erin at Guides!!

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Hi there megachatty12,

Just to let you know that some of the Go For Its are now badges!! And the Guide badges have changed. Check it out here:

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Hi there Flippybus
If the other PL is carrrying on like this you can always speak to your leader, and explain that you would like to do your Baden Powell Challenge, but your group don't want to do go for its or you can ask if you can change patrols so you are able to fo them and then succeed in your baden Powell Challenge. Good luck!
lilycm [smile]

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Swap patrols or ask your guide leader, do really fun GFI's like Chocolate!
You can always do badges on your own or with one or two friends[smile]
I have just finished my Baden Powell award and it has been the best thing I have ever done with guides so you should definitely do it (I know this is like a year late so you might have started already!!!)
Just enjoy having time with your patrol and Good Luck!!!!!

AMY J[smile]
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